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PLAYBALL is a program unlike any other!

PLAYBALL consists of age-specific objectives which are actively focused on during the year.

Children thrive in our fun-filled, high quality sport lessons. Creating a learning environment, which boosts confidence and self-esteem, is paramount.

PLAYBALL is educationally based.  PLAYBALL incorporates the development of life skills along side sport skills.  We use positive coaching methods to develop life skills like independence, self-confidence, courage, discipline, concentration and listening skills, good sportsmanship, responsibility and social interaction. 

PLAYBALL is progressive. Children progress from an informal introduction to ball and motor skills, to more structured sports participation. 

Your child will be coached to engage confidently in a wide range of sport skills preparing them for years of positive and competent sports participation.

PLAYBALL is for YOUR child!

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Why PlayBall?



The Playball Promise


All our Playball classes are innovative, energetic, and structured. Branches around the world.


Playball is a Partner in Education. Not only are children taught physical skills, but also taught practical social skills which are invaluable throughout their schooling.


Children are taught a broad range of sports giving them a rounded sports skill set.


A positive self-image is a result of experiencing success. A feeling of fulfillment is experienced when children achieve success in a fun, positive, happy, and confidence-building environment.

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